Chacott V101 Pointe Shoes

Chacott V101 Pointe Shoes

品 牌︰ Chacott
型 號︰ V101
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Chacott V101 Pointe Shoes

Chacott V101 Pointe Shoes
"Point 1: L-shaped insole"
●The sense of unity with the sole increases, and the sole of the foot sticks better.
●By making the tip L-shaped, the sole does not slip away, so you can feel the lift, and the arch position is raised and looks beautiful.
"Point 2: Transformable (curved) insole"
●The insole's [flexion] is improved for a better fit on the soles of your feet.
●Because the movement of the insole becomes smooth, it becomes easier to do dummies.
"Point 3: Change the heel tape to satin fabric"
●Double satin fabric makes the heel look beautiful.
"Other points"
●Even if you are used to it, you can feel the lift, so it is easy for beginners to understand the feeling of standing, which leads to improved performance
●The toes look more beautiful because the arch appears neatly
*The tip of the insole is peeled off and thinned. As a result, the comfort of wearing is the same as the current product without any discomfort.
[Gluing range] M (medium)... Counter part
H (hard)... Entire surface up to switch position
●Bottom: Medium (M)
● Color: 040 Royal Pink
●Comes with ribbon
*The color of the side of the insole may differ from the image. Please note that the shape and type will not change.
*The alphabet on the bottom heel of the toe shoes is the one used for our internal management (production time, etc.) during production. Please note that it has nothing to do with the type or size of the toe shoes.
●Materials: cotton, rayon, natural leather, etc.
●Country of origin: Japan


Snow White Dancewear

霏影舞蹈用品中心於2009 開業,專售高質素的外國 芭蕾舞蹈用品,包括足尖鞋(Pointe shoes),  軟鞋(Soft shoes), 芭蕾舞衣(Leotards) 更提供芭蕾舞表演服 (Tutu)訂製服務。而所代理的芭蕾舞牌品包括Gaynor Minden, Capezio, Bunheads, Harmonie, Grishko, Sansha, Chacott, Freed of London等,其中全美國最受歡迎的芭蕾舞品牌 R-ClassBody Wrappers以及歐洲頂級芭蕾舞名牌 Wear Moi 均由本店於香港區獨家代理。


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